Taking Control of Your Seizures:Workbook is designed to provide all necessary information for a counselor (including MFT, LSW, PhD, RN, NP, MD) to use the A/R treatment approach to work with patients who have epilepsy.

We advise counselors to read through the Workbook in its entirety. Then re-read the Workbook, making notes whenever you have questions or concerns. At that point, we envision three scenarios:

  1. If you have no significant questions, proceed with treatment of your patient who has epileptic seizures. If you are comfortable with how the treatment progresses, you may not require training consultation.
  2. If you have no significant questions, proceed to initiate treatment with your patient who has epileptic seizures. If at any point you feel that counseling sessions are not progressing to your satisfaction, arrange training consultations by contacting Andrews/Reiter Epilepsy Research Program.
  3. If you have substantial concerns after reading and re-reading the Workbook, contact Andrews/Reiter Epilepsy Research Program to arrange training consultations before you begin working with patients as a seizure counselor.


Andrews/Reiter Epilepsy Research Program has worked with clients who have epileptic seizures in both weekly sessions and 5-day intensive treatment programs. With either treatment protocol, A/R follows up with patients with weekly phone calls as long as needed. Our experience with the weekly telephone follow-up serves as a model for training consultations with seizure counselors. Here, you as a seizure counselor will interact directly with your patient as you proceed through the Workbook sessions. Concurrently, you will have training consultations by phone with the Andrews/Reiter Epilepsy Research Program to help you handle problematic areas. This type of training most likely will require working through problems in treating only one or, at most, two patients.

To schedule Training Consultations:

Fees for training consultations will be arranged at the time that you contact us to set up your training consultations.

For epilepsy (epileptic seizures): email your request to

For nonepileptic seizures: email your request to and read Treating Nonepileptic Seizures: Therapist Guide, companion book to the Workbook.

Dr. Joel Reiter retired from Andrews/Reiter Epilepsy Research Program, Inc. on August 1, 2018. Dr. Rosa Michaelis has taken over all aspects of Dr. Reiter’s work with the Andrews/Reiter Epilepsy Research Program, Inc.


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