Donna J. Andrews, Ph.D

Director, Therapy Research

Photo of Donna Andrews, Ph.D.


1985 University of San Francisco
B.S., Rehabilitation Administration
1987 University of San Francisco
M.S., Rehabilitation Administration
1999 Professional School of Psychology
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology


1972-1976 Director - Washington D.C., Chapter of Epilepsy Foundation of America (Author of Deinstitutionalization of Adult Trainable Epileptics at Forrest Haven) - HEW funded.
1979-1981 Director- Projects and Programs, Contra Costa-Alameda Epilepsy League (Developed Project EASE Employment Program)
1980-1981 Developer and Treatment Coordinator Pilot Study, Behavioral Clinical Treatment Approach for Epilepsy, Behavioral Medicine Associates, Santa Rosa, CA.
1981-1982 Director- Mt. Zion Hospital Epilepsy Research Program, San Francisco, CA.
1982-Present Director- Therapy Research, Andrews/Reiter Epilpsy Research Program, Santa Rosa, CA.

Selected Publications:

Reiter, J.M., Andrews, D.J. and Janis, C.; Taking Control of Your Epilepsy: A Workbook for Patients and Professionals (1987) (Available from Andrews/Reiter Epilepsy Research Program - please see books)
Reiter, J.M., Lambert, R.D., Andrews, D.J., Kastl, A. and Cobb, T. (Complex Partial Epilepsy: A Therapeutic Model of Behavioral Management and EEG Biofeedback.) Self-Control in Epilepsy 1990; 1:27-38.
Andrews, D.J. and Schonfeld, W.H. (Predictive Factors for Controlling Seizures using a Behavioral Approach) Seizure, 1992:1, page 111-116.
Elsas SM, Gregory WL, White G, Navarro G, Salinsky MC, Andrews DJ. Aura interruption: the Andrews/Reiter behavioral intervention may reduce seizures and improve quality of life – a pilot trial. Epilepsy and Behavior 2011 Dec;22(4):765-772.
Andrews D, Reiter J, Schonfeld W, Kastl A, and Denning P. A neurobehavioral treatment for unilateral complex partial seizure disorders: a comparison of right- and left- hemisphere patients. Seizure, 2000;9(3):189-197.
Andrews, D, Reiter J. Comprehensive Neurobehavioral Approach. Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Epilepsy, Chapter 4. New York: Demos, 2005.


May, 1988 Rehabilitation Department, Sitka, Alaska, USA.
October, 1988 Victoria Epilepsy Society, Melbourne, Australia.
March, 1989 Epilepsy Society of Calgary, S.A.I.T. Institute,Calgary, Canada
December, 1989 American Epilepsy Society, Scientific Forum, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
October, 1990 International Epilepsy League, Magdeberg, East Germany.
September, 1992 Epilepsy Europe, International League, Glasgow, Scotland.
2011 Epilepsy Conference Toronto: The Andrews-Reiter Approach, University of Toronto, Canada

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